Our values are at the core of what we do and we are all about doing the job while having fun without any drama or politics.
We’re a people-first business with remote and flexible working hours but we make sure that doesn’t take away from our culture. Face-to-face meetings are a regular part of how we drive innovation and collaboration.
We’re all about continuous learning and development which means we support our employees to continuously develop their knowledge and skills.
You really won’t regret taking the next step in your career for NonStop growth.

Challenging work

We may be called a ‘services company’ but we are invested in harboring products. ‘What’s in the name?’ No matter we work for hire, we envision your dream and make it our own. We, at NonStop, emphasize building a competent team rather than hoarding resources on our client’s behalf.


Been there, done that, and are still at it. Engineers at NonStop have upwards of 100+ blogs and plugins published between them and NonStop continues to innovate on an ongoing basis for both its clients as well as itself. We also actively support the open-source movement across a wide spread of areas.

Work culture

NonStop doesn’t believe in monarchy. We don’t have pecking orders and we treat each team member with equality. Live free or move on is what we preach and hence follow.


Your compensation is not an outcome of your bargaining skills. NonStop values the outcomes, be it on a personal or team level. compensation is warranted by your performances. Personal growth is also weighed in by the company.

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is not just a term taken lightly by NonStop. We just don’t follow it but have incorporated it into our work regimen. 5 day week, ‘flexi-time’ and support “work-from-home” warrants for it. Parents, kids & significant others also have a claim on your time and we don’t shy away from acknowledging it.

Bias to Action

Seek out new experiences, question the obvious, and start your journey to mastery. Train yourself and others as well. Improvise!

NonStop Learning

Debate issues, not people. Handle conflicts directly with trust and respect. We believe empathy is a virtue. NonStop is not a goods and services company that treats its members as consumables.


We are one team with one goal. Support, celebrate, and trust each other.

Apart from earning money, one should always aspire to earn an amazing impression in the eyes of the people around. We always encourage our coworkers to consider the team as family and create memories to cherish! Never stop being amazing and delighting your colleagues and clients.


We play, laugh, code NonStop


NonStop strives to hire team members who are passionate about their work, and new learnings, are humble, and want to be a part of a fun work environment.

  • We actively hire women engineers. 
  • Breaks in one’s career are not a problem.
  • Degree and College do not matter to us. We have hired multiple non-CS background candidates.
  • A mandate to actively write blogs. We believe that writing improves the thinking process. Our blogs have a combined viewership of 1Million plus
  • We actively to open source contributions. We have contributed multiple plugins in the Flutter framework.
  • We regularly participate in Community hackathons.
  • None of this matters: Your Colour, Size, Race, Religion, Gender, or Orientation.